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About T Cribb & Sons Funeral Directors at London

T Cribb & Sons is a London based, family run funeral directors. The company was founded in 1881 by Thomas Cribb and is run by the family to this day. We take care of bereaved families all over London and do all we can as funeral directors to help you arrange the perfect memorial for your loved one. From posting notices through to masonry, we are here to help every step of they way. Bereavement is an extremely sad time in peoples’ lives and we do all we can for bereaved people in London to make that time a little bit easier. Our London based funeral directors treat bereaved families and the loved ones they have lost with absolute dignity every single second they are in our care. We also take your financial requirements into account, making sure we keep your loved one’s funeral affordable whilst still making sure our London based funeral directors do their utmost to provide the memorial that both you and they would have wanted.

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A Funeral Home In London For Over 130 Years

All of our funeral directors in London and beyond follow stringent codes of practice outlined by the National Association of Funeral Directors, National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors and the World Organisation of Funeral Directors. Our upkeep of these principles is key to providing families in London with the perfect funeral for their loved ones and the perfect chance to remember their life.

London is a massively diverse city, and we reflect this in the service our funeral directors provide. With cemeteries and places of worship for a multitude of faiths all over London, our funeral directors arrange funerals for religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism to name but a few. If you have any other religious requirements, our funeral directors will be more than happy to help you.

Family Run Funeral Directors in London

We also have many different types of transportation available to transport your loved one to their funeral service anywhere in London such as horse drawn carriages, hearses and limousines. So, you can choose the perfect means of transport to move your loved one to their final resting place in London.

We have strong values at T Cribb & Sons in London. Our funeral directors strive to give all of our families the best, nurturing even the smallest details of your funeral arrangements. We are entirely committed to providing you with bespoke, caring and empathetic service. We have been doing this for 130 years and always want to do everything we can to make your loved one’s memorial in London truly perfect.

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An Example Of Options Available To You
a simple funeral in southend

A Simple Funeral In London

If you are looking for a funeral at a lower cost, then we can help you achieve this with the same amount of compassion as any other funeral service we offer. You may not want to attach any bells and whistles, but still give your loved one the send off they deserve. We will help you do just that.

funeral directors southend on sea
Full Service Funeral In London

If you want to put together a completely bespoke funeral service for your loved one, then our full funeral service is the option for you. This option lets you celebrate your loved ones life with any extras that you can think of. Our team will provide you with all of the options available to you.

southend on sea funeral directors
Direct Cremation's In London

For those who are looking for a cremation service without the funeral service, then we can accommodate you without any stress. Simply contact a member of our staff to ask for more information about our direct cremation services.

How Our Family Can Support Yours
what to do following a bereavement
What to do Following a Bereavement

Losing someone close to you can be a very difficult time in your life, this page has been designed to guide you through the next steps following a bereavement. Our experienced team of arrangers are here to advise and support you through the process of making the funeral arrangements.

arranging a funeral in southend
Arranging a funeral In London

We will guide you through the detail, advise you of all the options and choices available and working with you to arrange a funeral that is personal to your family. For some a simple funeral is all that is required whilst others prefer a more elaborate service.

help towards funeral costs
Help towards funeral costs

Help from the Department of Works and pensions is available to help towards the funeral costs, if you are on a low income and receiving certain benefits and tax credits. How much you qualify for depends on your individual circumstances.

funeral vehicles southend on sea
Funeral vehicles

Over the years we have taken great pride in providing the highest quality vehicles available, with our selection of modern and vintage vehicles, whatever your choice of vehicle we will endeavour to provide it.

As a family of funeral directors we have over 130 years of expertise gained from generations of experience, to provide guidance, support and care. Each funeral is as unique as the life it celebrates.
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